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What's included In this Exclusive free training?

Who Offers the
Best Hosting?

I provide an in-depth look at the unbias data of the top web hosting providers and to help you make the best choice.

Install Everything
with One Click!

I developed a custom plugin to automate the entire setup process. Simple is better.

Unlimited time-saving

The most powerful plugin for maximizing your speed to delivery. Choose from our custom library of done-for-you website and funnel templates.

Still having reservations about this free Training?

Tried other systems before? I guarantee you have never tried something like this! A Drag and Drop visual builder which updates in real-time with no lag.

Easy to customize elements with unlimited possibilities. The elements mimic the simplicity of the controls on Leadpages, Clickfunnels, and other funnel systems. The difference is that your system will be much more flexible.

The system can be set up within 10-20 minutes.

Unlimited functionality, scalability, and performance. Built with WordPress, Elementor, Funnelmentals, and a perfect harmony of other plugins & themes.

Guess what the best part is? Anyone can use it no coding required.

As a bonus, I created a separate plugin that is continuously feeding more pre-built sections and pages into the template library.

I don’t charge for this elite training or software because my goal is to help 10,000 people create their very own high-converting funnel/website system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aren't custom systems expensive?

Yes, they can be but the whole reason I created this execution plan was to show people that they don’t need to start with expensive hosting. The whole idea is that you need to scale as needed, which can’t be done with the following systems. See the annual price difference? CRAZY RIGHT?!







DIY System


This could be more or even less, depending on the hosting plan. I was factoring it using my recommendation.

I have tried WordPress, but it is too hard?

Using WordPress especially if your not an experienced developer is like climbing a mountain in the alps without a sherpa. Your excursion will most likely fail.

The problem with WordPress, in general, is that it is gigantic. Mastering all of WordPress’s features is a time-consuming process that can take decades. I have great news for you! I have already walked the path and distilled its functionality into easy to consume content.

The training walks you through every critical step. And don’t forget the countless hours I poured into custom software to lessen the pain of the process. If you have questions, you can always find our community members in the Team Disruption Facebook group.

The main reason people choose our system is that it has no limits on flexibility, speed, or scale. STOP being told what you can’t do! I encourage you to start the conversation about what you want to do.

Kyle Gundersen

Disrupting the Web like Evil Morty is disrupting the multiverse.

Hello there My name is Kyle Gundersen, and I have been freelance programming for the last decade-plus. Recently I have been working on enterprise level software in Chicago’s financial district. I have been developing and maintaining the Web Disrupt system over the past two years.

My goal is to get 10,000+ people disrupting the web with my custom crafted process. Saving my fellow entrepreneurs money, hassle, and growing pains that currently exist with most systems.

I love video games, technology, anime, TV series, weight-lifting, snowboarding, business, and marketing. And yea Rick and Morty if you couldn’t tell already.

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