What Is The Best WordPress Hosting in 2018?

What Is The Best WordPress Hosting in 2018?

Best WordPress Hosting in 2018

There are so many different WordPress hosting platforms, and they all claim to be the #1 solution for everything web hosting.

I finally gathered enough data to prove without a doubt that this host is the absolute best economic solution for WordPress hosting.

I will give an in-depth side by side comparison, using real data. This data is also heavily seasoned with my industry experience as a web developer.

I am prepared to give you my number one choice for the best WordPress hosting in 2018 & beyond.


I would like to start off by telling you this is not another affiliate marketing gimmick to create a seemly great piece of content that is used to coax people into buying web hosting. Hi, my name is Kyle Gundersen, and I am a professional web-software engineer. This analysis was a joint venture of my personal experience and real trusted data. This article cuts through the BS and gives you the seemingly best answer to the question. “What is the best web hosting for WordPress?” If you are looking for another luke-warm feel-good fluff piece, then you are in the wrong part of the web. I am going to be diving deep into the data and sharing my valuable insight to how I answered this seemingly unanswerable question. 

Let's get Started with what I call my Speed V.S. Stability V.S. Cost Infographic.

Top 10 Hosting Companies broken down by speed, stability, and cost.

The reason Siteground is my favorite host!

My Story, How I Discovered Siteground?

I used a lot of WordPress hosts before this. I am going to start this story in summer 2017.

At the time I just moved my site from GoDaddy to Dreamhost, and it didn’t feel like much of an improvement. In fact, I felt as if I took a step backward. My site was sluggish, more expensive. I had to pay per individual site. At the time I felt as if I’d never find the right host.

On a whim, I tried  A2 because I was impressed with their sales page. 20x speed you say! So I bought it! But— My doubts were spot on, 20x turtle speed isn’t a breakthrough. It’s only regular speed. Haha. It was another bust.

I was on Facebook a week or two later, and I saw an advertisement for Siteground. I thought to myself hmmm. I have never used that web host before. So I did what anyone would do in that situation, I looked at the comments. And I was blown away…

At first, I expected to see people complaining and telling tales about shitty experiences which is what I encountered when reading Blue Host’s comments. But it was— overwhelmingly positive.

If this company has this much positivity, it got me thinking, should I give it a try? At the same time, I was distraught from so many bad experiences. So I hatched a plan so I could try it but not sink any money into it. So I made my then freelance client at the time get it to host their website. I played with it for a week while building that clients site, and I was hooked.

I had finally found my favorite host, so I quickly moved everything and hadn’t looked back since.

As of writing this introduction I have been using it for a little over ten months. Which in the realms of thing might not seem like long, but if you factor in how much I know about other hosts then you know that I do have the authority required for a top-notch recommendation. At least that’s what someone told me and the reason I am curating this in-depth article.

Why its the Best WordPress Hosting in 2018?

No other host is as easy, fast, cheap, flexible, and can scale as well as Siteground for an economic level shared hosting. If you are making a blog, website, or funnel; Siteground is the only affordable choice.

As Most people might have guessed, I am first and foremost a web developer. I have logged countless hours creating web content using a plethora of different backend and javascript frameworks. In the last couple years, I have written several WordPress plugins and themes. I have created complex plugins, made improvements to other people’s plugins on GITHUB. During the last 11+ years as a web developer, I have personally used almost every hosting company that exists.

Each host comes with its own set of quirks. Some are very restricted and don’t allow you to choose the version of PHP. Some don’t limit your server resources, so you end up getting bottlenecked by your neighbors. Some aren’t secure and are ran by entry-level developers that have no idea what types of attacks exist. Most services limit your DNS setup so that you can’t use multiple subdomains. So sites even make you pay extra for backing up your site, which I strongly feel should come standard as a last line of defense.

Once you have used as many as I have, you will quickly realize that not all web host are created equal. Let’s do a quick analysis of their closest direct competitor, based on the list above.

GoDaddy was second on the list above. How does it Compare to Siteground?

  • Godaddy Managed WordPress solution is fast but hindered by flexibility. They don't use cPanel which takes away a lot of your control. To the point where you lose specific capabilities, I usually need.
  • GoDaddy's managed solution remains trapped on PHP 5.6 which means that it can never compare in security and speed. PHP 7 is the new standard and brings with it a much-needed evolution of PHP and WordPress.
  • You have to pay per site instance, so it can be costly if you are using multiple subdomains or have a need to use various domain names.

My Biggest problem with GoDaddy

Key Advantages

  • It runs on Cpanel, which offers the most flexibility for multiple domains and subdomains. It is the best for managing domains, one-click installs, email, and all the robust features of website hosting.
  • Included are three different layers of built-in caching. Covering resources, static files, and database requests.
  • They provide you an SSL wildcard out of the box. They also have the free Lets Encrypt SSL built-in for other domains. And more recently implemented they support Lets Encrypt's new wildcard certificate for multiple subdomains.
  • They have tight integration with Cloudflare which can dynamically speed up and secure any site. A one-click install and having a system already installed to handle railgun is always a plus.
  • The price is much lower than other hosts. It is also very cheap to upgrade to a dedicated IP, which will allow for greater security and peace of mind. You never know when you could be sharing your IP with would-be hackers.
  • They offer the latest, fastest, and most secure versions of PHP. It has become necessary as more and more WordPress plugins are dropping support for the older non-seven versions.

Regarding speed, quality, price, and flexibility, it will give you the best bang for your buck. That’s why we have rated their managed WordPress hosting the “Greatest Of All Time” for 2018.

More Statistics from Siteground's Official Anonymous Pingdom testing

Page Loading Speed

Host 1 - 1.59s
SiteGround - 1.68s
Host 2 - 2.94s
Host 3 - 2.98s
Host 4 - 2.98s
Host 5 - 3.72s
Host 6 - 3.78s

Page Loading Speed (Cache)

SiteGround - 1.3s
Host 1 - 1.59s
Host 2 - 2.94s
Host 3 - 2.98s
Host 4 - 3.72s
Host 5 - 3.82s
Host 6 - 4.08s

Performance Speed

Host 1 - 8,556
SiteGround - 8,276
Host 2 - 4,422
Host 3 - 3,974
Host 4 - 3,605
Host 5 - 3,030
Host 6 - 2,637

Performance Speed (Cache)

SiteGround - 230,000
Host 1 - 8,556
Host 2 - 4,422
Host 3 - 3,974
Host 4 - 3,974
Host 5 - 3,605
Host 6 - 3,030

They also ran anonymous tests with 12 different hosting companies and came out on top. I included the top 6 for each because beyond that does it matter. You already say the infographic I created with real up-to-date data from Pingdom.

Number One Tip to Maximize The Power of Siteground Managed Hosting

Siteground’s phone and live chat only exist for the most basic problems. Their ticket system is the only place to reach their specialists. You would think that it would take longer, but you’ll be surprised at their response time, very impressive.​ I have realized that most problems will be more complicated than what the phone and live chat can handle. That is why I go right to the ticket system and save myself the time of getting redirected by the other two methods.

Wrapping up my thought’s on the matter

I use five main points for defining my favorite website host. Siteground has them all; speed, quality, price, features, and flexibility. It is why Siteground reigns supreme on top of my WordPress stack. It will give you the best bang for your buck at economy level shared hosting. That’s why I have bestowed their managed WordPress hosting as my top pick for 2018 & beyond.

Next steps you can take to maximize your WordPress Experience

Are you new to WordPress or want to squeeze every bit of power out of it? I have created a plugin for the WordPress repo that maximizes your build process. We start by Recommending Siteground, and after reading this article, you now know why. I also make it easy with one click installs to create the ideal system. I use Elementor and along with some other plugins to maximizes your experience. Drag and drop elements with Elementor and Funnelmentals. I also recommend my favorite SEO plugin with best practices. This plugin will help you get up and running fast.