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last updated: 11.22.2018

Web Disrupt main mission is to help entrepreneurs disrupt the web. So buying your website hosting and taking the first steps is the payment for this course. Awesome right?!

Step 1 - Web Hosting

Step 2 - Powerful Tooling

Step 3 - Next Level

Disruption Accelerator

We also offer an optional premium service which includes training, premium plugins, and our full installation service.

Step 1 - Website Hosting

Domain Name? Web hosting?

Every Website is made up of two different parts. The domain name  is the address we type in to get to the site.

IE “”, “”, “”…

The hosting the server in which your site’s files will be stored.

You need both to create a website. Unlike a domain name which is relatively inexpensive, hosting has a variety of options which can cost as low as 1 dollar a month to as much as 50,000+ a month. Hosting is very complicated to compare!

Why is hosting hard to Compare?

Hosting can be difficult to compare for several reasons, most prominently there are too many features. On top of that the features themselves are always misrepresented with vague descriptions.

Furthermore, you have paid affiliates who spread unwarranted claims and fake experiences. (Most have probably never used the hosting they promote.)

The difference between our recommendation VS the other guys is that we use real data to backup our choice and we think you should as well.

Action Item


This is an affiliate link, but guess what? This host powers Web Disrupt!

Why is Siteground is a great choice?

Speed and innovation should be at the forefront of everything you do. This company might not be as big as Godaddy and some of the others, but their servers are lightning fast. Also scaling up has never been easier with their cloud hosting. Need data check out our “Speed vs Stability vs Cost” infographic. They also have the latest version of PHP.

PHP Version RPS Comparison

Step 2 - Powerful Tooling

WordPress is difficult?

WordPress is a vast array of plugins and themes that can leave even the most computer savvy person dazed and confused. As professor Farmsworth would say “Good news everybody.”

We have developed a plugin that creates the most ideal setup for you, with minimal effort.

WP Assistant Build Process


The main page builder we use which includes all the base features and system.


Our custom Add-on for Elementor which gives it some much needed features.

Elementor Library Unlimited

Our custom Add-on for Elementor which gives you access to our growing library of templates.

WordPress Assistant

Why is this a brilliant plugin?

We have created the most minimalistic theme ever conceived and let Elementor do all the heavy lifting. This makes your site not only reliable but also predictable when creating one or thousands of sites. Also, it is a one-click install, no more running around the plugin repo searching and guessing what plugins you need.

Action Item

Download Web Disrupt's WP Assistant from the Repo and use the plugin's one-click install to build out your site instantly.

Step 3 - Next Level

Premium Plugins - Shorten development time and open up new possibilities. Highly Recommended!

Elementor Pro

Why should you upgrade?

Elementor Pro is a powerful extension to the Elementor System. It will add awesome features like advanced CSS editing, more templates, forms, header/footer, and even more. It will help get your site up and running with everything you need.

Action Item

Upgrade to Elementor Pro

Funnelmentals Pro

Why should you upgrade?

Funnelmentals pro is another powerful addition to Elementor. It has a lot of features that further enhance Elementor to create more dynamic websites. Get a one-page WooCommerce checkout, video playlist, dynamic countdown, and other great sales features.

Action Item

Upgrade to Funnelmentals Pro

Support - Get help from Web Disrupt and the Community.

Team Disruption

What is Team Disruption?

This is the Web Disrupt Facebook group where members can ask questions and help each other achieve common goals. Come say hello to your fellow disruptors.

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Join Facebook Support Group