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First off before you give me any info.. What does it cost?

Very good, if this is what you were thinking then this is going to be a great fit. We have assembled & created similar features to mimic great services like Clikcfunnels, Unbounce, and Leadpages. The only difference is that we made it cheap enough for everyone.

Here Is The Yearly COST Breakdown V.S. Other Services

Thanks, that all looks good, But what about enrollment costs?

Guess what! That is the enrollment cost. We want you to buy the software and services you need to get up and operational. At Web Disrupt we feel learning should be open, free, and collaborative. Instead of just learning, we want you to be doing! Because isn't doing the ultimate form of Learning?

Sounds Good, what about...

  • No Coding, Everything is drag and drop with easy form inputs.
  • No Guess Work, we have video tutorials and a Facebook community to answer questions.
  • No Homework, cause that is for children.
  • No classrooms or set class time. Behold ultimate flexibility.
  • No quizes or tests. Instead we create challenges that help you progress to your goals.
  • No busy work. Instead we have you building things you can then use to make money or improve your business.
  • FREE Forever. Once you purchase the tools and services you need to use this system. Thats it..
  • No Hidden Agenda. We just want feedom. So people can do it themselves and NOT depend on overpriced services.

Ready to Experience An Academy Geared Towards Your Success

Getting Started - Best Website/Funnel Setup EVER!!

Let us guide you through the entire process to build your very own Drag & Drop funnel building system. Once we show you how easy it is, you will be forever changed.

Web Disrupt Ideal Guide to WordPress Setup

  • Step 1: Buying Domain Name (Google Domains)
  • Step 2: Buy Hosting (Siteground)
  • Step 3: Install WordPress
  • Step 4: Install Web Disrupts WP Assistant + Setup

Resource Links

If you get stuck on a step or need more information please join and ask your questions in the Funnelmentals Academy Facebook Group.

Step 5 - Purchase the Premium Plugins to Make your System Complete.

This website/funnel system requires these plugins to function. They also help support this system and this course. Once they are purchased continue scrolling to get your free templates.

Elementor Pro

Gives you the ability to use forms, search, login, and other vital elements to make your website functional. Also global widgets, templates, and easy CSS access.


Gives you the ability to track with analytics, one-page WooCommerce checkout, advanced SPA features, membership permissions, and other essential features.

Step 6 - Once you have acquire these premium plugins you will be ready for the final step in enrollment.

Get 5 Premium Lead Magnet Funnel Templates For FREE

Responsive, Beautiful Funnels To Kick-Start Your Learning Doing!

Funnel 1 - Secret Sauce
Funnel 2 - Guru
Funnel 2 - Guru | part 2
Funnel 3 - Over The Top
Funnel 4 - Dark Edgy
Funnel 5 - Clean Green

Enroll Today. Which Is As Simple As Following All The Steps Above & Subscribing Below..

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