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What is Funnelmentals and why is it disrupting the web?

Simply. Funnelmentals is an extension to the popular visual page builder Elementor for WordPress.

Historically if you didn’t know programming, then you would be subject to paying expensive monthly fees for funnel software. Which includes big names like Clickfunnels, Leadpages, Unbounce, and many others. The problem is that they make you pay more and limit the features that you would typically get with a custom solution.

Elementor itself hailed as the best visual page builder for WordPress ever. So instead of creating a new page/funnel builder. We decided that we could take Elementor and give it all the features needed to develop custom funnels. No steep monthly fees. No more coding. No more hassle. Spend less time working and more time winning with a system that is already disrupting the funnel industry.

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The countdown is a common element for doing product releases, feature releases, events, & other time-sensitive offers. Set 12 minutes and watch as it creates a hyper-sensitive timed offer.

Refresh the page and watch it keep the same count.

  • 0days
  • 0hours
  • 0mins
  • 0secs
Grudge Grudge
Clean Clean

Image Comparison Slider

Sometimes you need a before and after, why not spice it up with this little gem.

IFrame Pro

Allows you to embed parts of your site, or other sites anywhere you choose. This element allows you to embed your Checkouts Pro form on any post type.

Fancy Slider

Sliders aren’t a common element, but they can have a tremendous impact if done right.

WooCommerce Single Page Checkout

Build your checkout process into a funnel. Includes full control of styles, fields and the completion redirect. Trust us this is the best thing to happen to the WooCommerce checkout ever.


The standard copyright tag with an automatically updating current year.

Shortcodes Pro

Finally the ability to fully customize Shortcodes. Integrate shortcodes into your site easier.

Image Gallery

A simple but elegant way to show your showcase or portfolio.

Scroll Navigation

Great for navigating those long single page product showcases.

Video Playlist

A fully functional video playlist. This is great for creating video courses with multiple videos. You can filter your videos in real-time and pull batch YouTube videos from a spreadsheet.

Stay Updated

Through our distribution partner Freemius, we offer unlimited free updates while your license is active.

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