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Our most popular feature Revamping the entire WooCommerce Checkout Experience.

WooCommerce is an excellent piece of software, but the shopping flow is archaic and disjointed. It makes it very difficult to control the user’s experience and maximize buying potential — a 5 step process which requires that the customer visit a cart page before checkout. Not to mention all those extra fields the customer has to invest into filling out. That is why funnels were created to help guide customers on an easy hassle-free buying journey.

  • Poor flow can confuse customers
  • Lack of customization
  • Choice overload


Funnelmentals gives you the flexibility to enjoy WooCommerce the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

  • Unlimited checkout pages.
  • Fully customizable form fields.
  • Fully customize all the styles and hide unwanted elements.
  • Setup a post-checkout redirect to your ideal thank you page
  • Fully customize login form, coupon form, and pricing details on the checkout page using separate elements.
  • Add checkout page upsells with Upsell Pro.
  • Optionally reset cart products to create very specific offers where a cart is not needed.
  • Add downloads that populate from the previous checkout page or show all user downloads.
  • Add conditional logic that triggers anywhere if the current customer has purchased a WooCommerce product.
  • Create a multi-page upsell with advanced buttons add to cart + redirect.

Funnelmentals the last piece to the puzzle

Funnelmentals was created to solve all previous shortcomings. Essentially making WordPress + WooCommerce + Elementor + Funnelmentals a strong competitor verse any pre-existing funnel software. The only difference is that we give you full control. The sky is the limit!



The countdown is a common element for doing product releases, feature releases, events, & other time-sensitive offers. Set 12 minutes and watch as it creates a hyper-sensitive timed offer.

Refresh the page and watch it keep the same count.

  • 0days
  • 0hours
  • 0mins
  • 0secs

IFrame Pro

Allows you to embed parts of your site, or other sites anywhere you choose. This element allows you to embed your Checkouts Pro form on any post type.

WooCommerce Single Page Checkout

Build your checkout process into a funnel. Includes full control of styles, fields and the completion redirect. Trust us this is the best thing to happen to the WooCommerce checkout ever.


The standard copyright tag with an automatically updating current year.

User Tasker

Create actionable steps and give your user a way to track their progress.

Task Completion

User Tasker Progress

Display progress of completed tasks with a progress bar. Also reveal additional content when completion 

Shortcodes Pro

Finally the ability to fully customize Shortcodes. Integrate and style shortcodes with this powerhouse of a widget.

Video Playlist

A fully functional video playlist. This is great for creating video courses with multiple videos. You can filter your videos in real-time and pull batch YouTube videos from a spreadsheet.

Stay Updated

Through our distribution partner Freemius, we offer unlimited free updates while your license is active.

Power up Elementor with one-page checkout and Powerful funnel features.