Our Mission

Web Disrupt aims to empower as many people as possible to achieve financial freedom. We do this by providing information and tools to help you disrupt the digital landscape.

We curate business articles that help people achieve their big dreams and do meaningful work. With that, there is also a focus on the mindset of how to make smart financial decisions. Making money to spend money is a broken mindset. Money must be cultivated into taking over your effort and alleviating your time. The goal should always be Financial Independence and Retire Early. (AKA the FIRE movement.)

The process is not all or nothing. You don’t have to pinch every single penny. And you don’t have to kill yourself with 100-hour work weeks. The goal should also be finding some sort of balance and figuring out how do I maximize what is working and maybe cut out things that are not working.

Meet Kyle Gundersen the creator of Web Disrupt

Hello, fellow disruptors, Let me tell you my story of how I escaped debt and shed some light on why I created webdisrupt.com.

The Problem

Most of my early 20s were a product of hopium, shiny object syndrome, and the Dunning-Kruger effect. Looking back, it was a delusional mindset to the point of being useless and destructive. This mindset may resonate with most young people nowadays. As millennials, we were the guinea pigs in the instant gratification era. But it's not society's fault because each individual is responsible for how they react to changes. Will you mindlessly follow the herd, or do you know better? At that time, I did not know better.

The Struggle

My 20s continued, and I started business after business through the years with little to no success. I experienced an unfathomable amount of business setbacks. I struggled for almost a decade with a sub-poverty-level income, barely scraping by on a few thousand dollars. I was trapped at home with my parents with no solid path to support myself in sight. I had never heard of an "Emergency Fund" and thought investing was too much of a long game to make sense.

Where the idea was ignited

My financial challenges continued on a downward spiral. Being one of the darker times in my life (not to say it was the worst situation ever), it did one positive thing: it created a burning desire for me to learn and help others learn about finance. Hopefully, my knowledge can help others never endure that level of pain, shame, and uncertainty.

Turning it around

Luckily, due to all my years of failed startups and freelance work. I became a very skilled computer programmer. Eventually, through a series of events, I got my foot in the door of a contracting company, and it has been smooth sailing ever since. Through times when your weaknesses are exposed, you can usually identify your strengths. One of my strengths is the ability and passion for self-learning. This ability has helped me circumvent many knowledge gaps in higher-level enterprise-grade technology development.


Fast-forward to today, and I have completely transformed my life. The transformation wasn't a product of luck or chance but rather the result of relentless focus, a resilient mindset, and acquiring the right knowledge.

The Journey ahead

I truly believe in humanity's innate potential — unique talents, gifts, and capabilities. Your Journey toward financial freedom might be challenging, but remember, with persistence and the right strategies, no goal is too ambitious. I'm here to share, help, guide, and walk alongside all of you on this Journey.


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