1.Do you budget? yes or no 2. What are your monthly expenses that fall into the need category? 2,000 any number 3. What is the amount of emergency fund you have? must be greater than 12,000 (six times needs category) 4. If you borrow $1,000 with a 23% interest rate, how much will you owe after a year with APY? 1. You'll owe $1,230. 2. You'll owe more than $1,230 because of extra interest from compounding. 3. You'll owe $1,000 plus one month's interest. 4. You'll owe exactly the same as the original $1,000 because APY doesn't affect borrowing. 5. Is it better to pay off your credit cards on a monthly basis or carry a balance? Yes or No 6. How much padding do you like to keep in your main bank account? 1000 or greater (must be at least 1/2 a month of padding) - If all are true then you are a credit card person - otherwise you are not


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