What is a Dollar Worth Calculator

Every dollar invested in the S&P500 has historically averaged a 10% return. On average, the FED shoots for 2% inflation. Knowing that we can calculate how much your money will total and how much it will be worth at retirement. This is a very handy tool for talking yourself out of needless spending.

$1.00 is worth $72.89 in 45 years at age 65.
After inflation you will have a purchasing power of $31.92.

How many hours are required to gain $1.00?

You must work 1 hour to earn at least $1.20, which post-tax equals the $1.00 above.

What is the value of knowing these Calculations?

This tool measures the amount of money you can achieve by investing rather than spending it. Spending money on consumer items is a mirage. The amount you pay on the surface isn't what you are really paying. You are sacrificing your future worth for instant gratification. Every time you spend money, you need to ask yourself these simple questions.

Is the thing I am buying really worth $72.89?

Is the thing I am buying really worth 1 hour of my life?

Wrap up

The next time you buy something, remember to ask yourself the question, is it really worth it? This will help you curb spending and pay yourself so you can have a better, brighter future. Know the numbers, and stop being ignorant of how the money system works.


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